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Michael Grasso Music - Not 2 Cool Jazz

The Not 2 Cool Jazz Trio is a professional music group in the Baltimore-Washington area, led by trumpet/piano player Michael Grasso. Focusing on music from a bygone era, they have an intimate and lyrical sound that follows the west coast style of cool jazz. They perform timeless and tasteful melodies from the 1920s through the 1970s, including classic jazz, swing, bossa nova, Italian gypsy jazz, and soft rock. They specialize in jazz music made popular by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Chet Baker, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Toots Thielemans. Through the Not 2 Cool Groove Band, they perform easy-listening and soulful songs from the 1960s and 1970s by the Beatles, Carole King, Elton John. Through the Retro Italiano Jazz Band, they play Italian folk songs, gypsy jazz, and Italian standards.

Liven up your next party or event with memorable music from a bygone era. The band members are seasoned entertainers, who provide that special atmosphere only live music can bring. They are available for anniversaries, private parties, concerts, weddings, corporate functions, jazz brunches, fundraisers, and farmers markets. They bring all their own equipment. The band can fit into surprisingly small spaces. Available from a duo to a quintet, the band is affordable, flexible, and can play in different configurations tailored to the needs of your event. They can play inside or outside, amplified or acoustic. They can perform for the biggest events or the most intimate gatherings.

Band Configurations

  • Not 2 Cool Trio (Trumpet/Guitar/Bass or Piano/Bass/Drums or Vocals/Piano/Bass) - The trio is our most popular configuration, and adds energy and spirit to any event, without being overbearing. The band specializes in classic jazz, bossa nova, New Orleans, and swing music, as well as soft rock.

  • Not 2 Cool Quartet (Trumpet/Guitar/Bass/Drums or Vocals/Piano/Bass/Drums) - The quartet is perfect for larger venues like wedding receptions and corporate events. The quartet performs a huge selection of jazz music, ranging from background dinner music to upbeat dance tunes.

  • Not 2 Cool Unplugged (Piano/Bass or Trumpet/Guitar or Piano/Vocals) - The duo is the perfect setup for smaller intimate settings. They do not require access to electrical power, and are able to perform acoustically or using porbable battery power.

Other Band Configurations

  • Retro Italiano (Trumpet/Guitar/Bass or Harmonica/Guitar/Bass) - This band plays Italian folk songs, gypsy jazz, Italian standards, and classic jazz with a modern flare. The band is perfect for Italian Theme events, jazz cocktail hours, weddings, night clubs, and holiday parties.

  • Not 2 Cool Groove Band (Piano/Bass/Drums, optional Vocals) - This band focuses on soft rock and pop music. They perform ballads, easy-listening, and soulful songs from the 1960s and 1970s by the Beatles, Carole King, Elton John, and others.

  • Not 2 Cool Vocal Band (Vocals/Piano/Bass, optional Trumpet, optional Drums) - Our vocal band features a female singer. There's nothing like a live vocalist to add special meaning to those jazz standards, Broadway show tunes, and soft rock songs we all know and love.

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